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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3 and 4

Sorry about not posting yesterday. School work got in the way :(

Okay Yesterday was supposed be 300 cals, I ended up eating a Subway footlong veggie so It was around 600 calories.
Today I had 2 apples and a cucumber sandwich with mustard instead of mayo so my total 400 cals!!!!! I made today's goal :D
And.....current weight: 200.8lbs...............I think my scale is broken or wrong. >.< there is no way I have lost 6lbs in 4 days
If the scale IS true....then I am soooo close to my first goal. And once I am out of the 200's I am NEVER going back.
As some good news, so far I am in first in this bowling tournment I bowled tonight!!! I was 130 pins over my average, but there are still tomorrow shifts to bowl. IF I win I get to go to provincials!!! That would be amazing, but I have to be thinner by then!!!
Think Perfection, be perfection


  1. Every time I come here, instead of reading your post I feed your fish -.-
    You have done grate ;)!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss- hope to see a post from you soon!