Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3 and 4

Sorry about not posting yesterday. School work got in the way :(

Okay Yesterday was supposed be 300 cals, I ended up eating a Subway footlong veggie so It was around 600 calories.
Today I had 2 apples and a cucumber sandwich with mustard instead of mayo so my total 400 cals!!!!! I made today's goal :D
And.....current weight: 200.8lbs...............I think my scale is broken or wrong. >.< there is no way I have lost 6lbs in 4 days
If the scale IS true....then I am soooo close to my first goal. And once I am out of the 200's I am NEVER going back.
As some good news, so far I am in first in this bowling tournment I bowled tonight!!! I was 130 pins over my average, but there are still tomorrow shifts to bowl. IF I win I get to go to provincials!!! That would be amazing, but I have to be thinner by then!!!
Think Perfection, be perfection

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 2-500 calories

So today went well again (I hope it stays this way). Anyways, I don't have much time to post this.
Lunch: Smartones dinner for 250 cals
Dinner: apple, 100cals
total 350cals
I will post more tomorrow, so tired right now and I still have an assignment left to do.
Think Thin

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 1-500 cals

So I think today went well! Here is what I ate:
Breakfast: Skipped :D
Lunch: 1 whole wheat bun(170 cals) topped with cucumber, lettuce, and mustard. I am not sure if the lettuce and cucumber has many calories in it and the mustard had 0 cals so I am rounding it up to 200 calories for lunch.
Dinner: 290 cals in a Smartones dinner.
Total: 490 calories!!!!!
Tomorrow is 500(or less) again. All I plan on eating is an apple at dinner since I will be in the library studying all day.
For exercise today I bowled 3 games, I do not think it burned that many calories, but it did burn some!!!!
Tomorrow night I also bowl :) I used to be better but all this fat on me is affecting my game :( I hope to change that soon!
:( Here is my current weight for today: 205.6lbs
I know that is just water weight lost, but I feel like this is a tiny step in the right direction.

Think thin everyone

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Beginnings

Okay. This is it. I will do this. I will lose this weight. I will no longer be the fat ugly girl. I will always be ugly but at least I can be skinny so I am not such an eyesore on humanity. Tomorrow I begin Ana's Boot Camp diet. Tomorrow is a maximum of 500 calories and I can do it. I know I can. I will have this willpower over something in my life. I will post what I eat tomorrow and if I exercise at all. And I will post how much I weigh each day as a constant reminder on how fat I am.
So Starting weight: 206lbs
Goal 1 weight: 199lbs(I just want to be out of the 200 soooo bad)
Goal 2: 190lbs
Goal 3: 180lbs
Goal 4: 170lbs
Goal 5: 160lbs
Goal 6: 150lbs
Goal 7: 140lbs
Goal 8: 130lbs
Goal 9: 120lbs
Goal 10: 110lbs
I hope to be at least 150lbs by the start of September. When I exercise the areas that need the most improvement are: thighs, stomach, arms(toning) and butt. If anyone who is reading this has any starting off exercises for someone that is really overweight that would be amazing.
Anyways, nothing will ever taste as good as thin feels(I must keep reminding myself of this fact)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why did I let myself get this way?

A new year means a new start right? So why is it that I am still stuffing my face like, well, like a pig? Why is it that I have no willpower to say no? All my life I have struggled with food and been overweight. I would fast then binge, fast then binge and it has been an never ending cycle. Most of the time I do not even want to eat, I just do out of boredom. So, I have decided to change. I have nothing in life going for me and I do not want to die when I am 20, fat, ugly, and worthless. At my funeral they would ask: "oh what did she ever do? Well, she ate herself to death."

That will NOT be me. I want to go see the world, to live life and I cannot in this body. I have never been to the beach and I would love to go see the ocean and swim in it(or near it) one day. But trust me when I say that NO ONE wants to see me try to fit myself into a bathing suit. The sight would scar people for life XD
About Me:
weight: 210lbs *dies of embarrassment*
Where the fat is located: legs, thighs, arms, face and this tire that is called my stomach area.
Occupation: Student in 1st year University, lots of sitting on my fat ass at the computer.

My goal is to fast 3 days a week and to eat no more than 500 calories a day. I know that is considered anorexic by some, but at this point I no longer care. I have been fat and miserable my entire life. I just want to be normal and happy for once.
Did you know that 1 food calorie is 1000 actual calories(energy)? Food calories are counted in kilocals so when doctors say eat 2,200 calories a day, in actual calories it is 2,200,000! That is crazy how much food a person puts in their body!

I do not except anyone to read this blog. I am just doing this to keep myself motivated. Maybe I can actually do this. But if anyone knows any exercises that require little muscle mass to begin with *I am all fat, no muscle :(*,they would be appreciated.